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Bienvenue en Provence

Bonjour !

When we founded the Centre International des Langues, we knew we could offer people interested in learning the French language an opportunity that's unique - unlike that of any other language school in France.

What is it that distinguishes CIL from other schools and draws students from all over the world, often time and again? It's our menu of classes and activities, specifically oriented to adults.
Classes vary in level, intensity, frequency, duration, and goal. And you can balance them to whatever degree you wish with such arranged activities as wine-tasting sessions, lessons in truffle hunting and Provençal meal preparation, and tours to candy factories, apéritif distilleries, santon-crafters' studios, and our countryside's historical sites and lavender fields. It's an à-la-carte menu, and you get to choose.

In addition, our instructors are qualified and experienced, attentive and encouraging. Classes are taught at every level of fluency. Class sizes are small, generally four to six students. Our laboratory has superb audio and video facilities, with exercises that relate to each day's lesson and each student's needs.

And our location in sunny Provence is undeniably appealing. If you've read "A Year in Provence" or any of Peter Mayle's other best-sellers, you know about our area's clear skies and warm hearts.
CIL gives you the chance to learn French and the French way of life - to make friends with local people and know our country and our countryside from the inside out.
All of us at CIL look forward to having you take a course here. In no time, you'll be speaking French well and speaking well of us.

À bientôt

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