Database echolaliekolal - Table hitcount running on sql3

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 Field  Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action
   varchar(100) BINARY No      Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)   No    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   smallint(6)   No    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
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Indexes : [Documentation]
Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field
PRIMARY PRIMARY Drop Edit pagename
pagename_3 UNIQUE Drop Edit pagename
hits_3 UNIQUE Drop Edit hits
flag_3 UNIQUE Drop Edit flag
pagename_5 UNIQUE Drop Edit pagename
hits_5 UNIQUE Drop Edit hits
flag_5 UNIQUE Drop Edit flag
flag INDEX Drop Edit flag
hits INDEX Drop Edit hits
pagename INDEX Drop Edit pagename
pagename_2 INDEX Drop Edit pagename
hits_2 INDEX Drop Edit hits
flag_2 INDEX Drop Edit flag
pagename_4 INDEX Drop Edit pagename
hits_4 INDEX Drop Edit hits
flag_4 INDEX Drop Edit flag
flag_6 INDEX Drop Edit flag

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  Space usage :
Type Usage
Data 32 Bytes
Index 18,432 Bytes
Total 18,464 Bytes
  Row Statistic :
Statements Value
Format dynamic
Rows 1
Row length ø 32
Row size  ø 18,464 Bytes